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Natural Awakenings Northwest Florida

Natural Alternative for Healthy, Beautiful Skin

Dr. Nitin Bawa is offering an exclusive new treatment protocol using Selphyl, a patented, all-natural system that concentrates platelets from blood so they can be injected subdermally to "dial back" aging skin.

Platelets are the little particles in blood containing growth factors that allow skin to heal faster and repair itself. Selphyl uses an innovative system that allows the growth factors to be released gradually under the skin to nourish the skin, unlike other products that have a different delivery system. A small amount of blood is collected to produce custom-made, platelet-rich plasma to be injected under the skin.


Dr. Bawa & Associates has locations in Santa Rosa Beach, Panama City and Destin. Call 850-534-4170 or 850-424-7320 to schedule a consultation. For more information, visit

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