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Learn Your Resting Metabolism Rate With A Simple Test

Dr. Anthony Huynh, a weight-management and nutrition specialist with Sacred Heart Medical Group, is the only physician in this area using the MedGem device, an FDA-approved, handheld calorimeter that quickly provides an accurate measurement of a patient’s resting metabolism rate. This eliminates the guesswork in determining the caloric threshold for achieving weight-management goals.
Patients simply breathe into the device for approximately 10 minutes while the calorimeter measures the amount of oxygen the body consumes and determines the number of calories burned per day while at rest. This baseline data is extremely helpful in developing successful weight-loss or weight-management strategies. The test is covered by most insurance plans. 
Dr. Huynh is a board-certified internal medicine physician who helps patients achieve healthy weight loss through long-term lifestyle changes.
Location: 4501 N. Davis Hwy., near Sacred Heart Hospital, in Pensacola. For an appointment, call 850-416-2884.
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