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Natural Awakenings Northwest Florida

Destin Hypnosis

Thomas Mueller, CMC, CHt

The Destin Hypnosis & Coaching Clinic is the kind of comfortable place people tell friends about.  Clients enjoy stopping by before going about daily activities.

The reason they come in the first place is simple – they get results! When a client quits a two-pack-a-day habit in an afternoon, or loses 30+ pounds in a month, or reports decreased pain sensitivity from fibromyalgia, there tends to be interest in working on other areas.

Thomas Mueller, the man behind Destin Hypnosis, knows what brings people to the Clinic. In the not-too-distant past his present life would have been only a dream. Overweight, in declining health, with unfulfilled personal relationships and financial problems, he realized no one system held all the answers. To explore the spectrum of human achievement Mueller pursued a multi-disciplinary approach, completing comprehensive training with mentors in key areas of business and human development, marketing, sales and entrepreneurship. This is the knowledge he is eager to share so others can find, amplify, and live the best possible version of themselves.

In addition to a local private office, clients sometimes work with Mueller by phone or SKYPE.  VIP coaching packages are available to keep accountability and forward momentum, often to unexpected solutions.

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