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Cure for the Common Mold

Jun 03, 2014 07:55PM ● By Doug Wagner

Even though most of us are concerned with pollution in the outside air, it’s the indoor air that most dangerous. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has determined that the air in our homes is up to 100 times more dangerous compared to the outside world.

Our homes have been made so energy tight that a whole new world of airborne dangerous chemicals and germs are being trapped indoors. Another issue involves the central heating and air conditioning system. In the home air conditioning coil is found the largest single source of mold growth, perhaps by a factor of 500. There can be up to 1,600 different types of molds growing on the coil. Further, mold debris is considered the most aggressive allergen in existence. The World Health Organization takes this even further; claiming that molds cause of up to 80 percent of all allergies.

If for some reason molds remain in the coil area, there might not be a problem, but that’s not how a HVAC system works. The fan circulates the total volume of air in a home about every eight to 12 minutes, pulling through heavy doses of mold enzyme/spores, germs, toxins and other dangerous debris, sending this hazardous cauldron into the breathable airspace.

Companies that specialize in minimizing these risks can reduce or even eliminate these airborne toxins, as well as their growth sources. Homeowners can also get rid of the dirty, germ-prone, energy-draining system filter, so they will never have to change or clean it again.

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