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Nitric Oxide Brings Health Benefits

Jun 30, 2014 05:45PM ● By Buddy Bowman

Nitric oxide is an important signaling molecule that is naturally produced by the body to keep our blood and lymph vessels flexible and free flowing, and maintaining a sufficient level is critical to cardiovascular health and longevity. As we get older, our circulation typically degrades, the flow of vital nutrients that need to be transported to far reaches of our body declines and may even stop. Thus starved for nutritional support, we become vulnerable to all manner of illness and disease. In 1998, Pharmacologist Louis Ignarro won the Nobel Prize in medicine for not only discovering this “miracle molecule”, but also its critical role in maintaining heart health.

We produce the most nitric oxide that we ever will in our 20s, and by the time we reach 40, our production is cut in half. By our late 60s, it is down around 10 percent. Research by the Centers for Disease Control indicates that up to age 24, only 3 percent of the population dies of heart disease. From 25 to 45, it triples to 11 percent. From 45 to 65, it doubles to 21 percent and for over 65, it overtakes cancer at 27 percent as the leading cause of death. Heart health problems often begin as early as our 30s.

Nitric oxide also provides critical benefits to the body. It not only increases circulation by dilating the blood and lymph vessels to increase healthy flow, it also protects our telomeres (chromosomal end caps) by stimulating the natural production of telomerase, the enzyme that protects and repairs them. Telomerase production stops in our mid-40s, and that’s when things really start going downhill. Telomeres erode with every replication of our DNA over a lifetime. They are the biomarkers of longevity and actually determine how long we will live.

Nitric oxide reduces inflammation by stimulating the natural production of ATP, the energy source of the cell. Harvard medical studies state that inflammation is a major factor in age-related disease. Nitric oxide reduces pain by moderating the nerve pathways and generating serotonins and endorphins (the feel-good hormone), and reduces stress, the “silent killer”. Inflammation caused by our “fight-or-flight” stress response also creates pain. The Congressional Prevention Coalition estimates that 90 percent of disease is caused or complicated by stress. Once stress is reduced, inflammation is reduced and pain is reduced.

Light therapy, the direct application of scientifically selected frequencies and wavelengths of photon energy pulsed into the body by way of light-emitting diodes embedded in flexible pads, can be a very important wellness-promoting protocol for stimulating the natural production of nitric oxide.
Light therapy is an all-natural, painless, non-invasive, drug-free protocol with no side effects. We are all “electrical beings” with specific energy and frequency levels that be measured. When we have stress, we become out of energetic balance. Light therapy mimics our original, healthy, embryonic tissue frequencies to help bring the body back into energetic balance so it can begin to heal itself as it was designed to do.

Buddy Bowman is a quantum light energy coach and the owner of Light For Life, in Ft. Walton Beach. He can be reached at 850-582-4929 or

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