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EARTH-FRIENDLY Bug Management: Organic Green Pest Solutions from Earth’s Choice

Apr 29, 2015 09:28PM

Van Mac, founder of Earth’s Choice Pest Solutions, believes in a greener, safer, and more logical approach to pest management that utilizes his more than 14 years of experience and knowledge. The Florida State Certified Mac knew there was a better way to start his business than following the industry standard approach. Traditional pest management treatments like spraying baseboards and widespread application of pesticides are outdated and potentially hazardous. At Earth’s Choice, he specializes in natural and organic pest management, where pesticides are viewed as a minor component of an overall strategy to control pests. Realizing that even some natural and organic products can be hazardous, Mac’s goal is to use the least toxic product available to produce a solution that works. 

While Earth’s Choice services encompass all aspects of pest management, including termite and rodent control, Mac has a particular interest in controlling biting insects such as mosquitoes and bed bugs. Earth’s Choice also provides natural fertilizer and insect control programs for Florida landscapes.

Mac confides, “Bed bug treatments are the one practice that eats at me the most.” He noticed that bed bugs dwell in the same area we frequent the most—beds and other furniture—and treating those areas with toxic chemicals means persistent, direct contact with those insecticides. Instead, specially design pest removal vacuums are used to mechanically remove a large part of the problem; Then extreme heat is applied to eliminate the remaining bed bugs, allowing steam to penetrate pleats, crevices and folds which harbor most bed bugs and their eggs.  

“Chemical treatments may be the last thing you need,” says Mac. “Many times, issues are related to overgrown landscapes, poor sanitation, hidden moisture, improper construction and maintenance and debris.” He cites a recent ongoing issue that caused one local restaurant owner quite a bit of frustration. Mac discovered the root cause of the insect problem had nothing to do with the restaurant, but a dirty sewage line outside the building. Thus, he explains, a thorough inspection and intelligent analysis of the results is the first step in an effective method of natural pest elimination and management.

As a training director for more than five years, Mac has probably heard it all, and says, “When you hear the same complaints over and over, it gives you a great perspective of what the customer really wants.” When starting his own business, he had two things in mind: providing a greener pest management option to the community and offering not just service, but impeccable, customer service. 

When calling Earth’s Choice to schedule a free consultation, customers will encounter friendly and knowledgeable staff. With service hours from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday, customers are guaranteed prompt and reliable service, doused with professionalism. 


For more information, call 850-382-3820 or visit

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