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CHIP Program: Helps People Restore Health

Feb 29, 2016 07:00PM ● By By Daralyn Chase

Beverly was out of options. 

She had struggled for years with a number of debilitating health conditions that were all progressing rapidly. They weren’t just robbing her of quality of life, but also putting her life at risk. 

Struggling with the effects of poorly controlled diabetes, Beverly had already lost feeling in her feet and was losing her sight when she was placed on a transplant list to replace her failing kidneys. She had also had emergency heart surgery to repair a number of seriously blocked coronary arteries. 

She was out of options … that is, until she had an appointment with a gastroenterologist who recognized that many of her conditions could be helped with lifestyle changes. At the doctor’s recommendation, she began attending a community-based health education program called CHIP. 

Over the following months, Beverly turned her health around to the point that she regained feeling in her feet, stopped needing treatment for failing eyesight and, most astonishingly, was taken off the organ transplant list after her kidney function steadily improved. 

Beverly also regained hope. Now she sees herself as “CEO, president and chairman of the board of all the decisions made for my body.” 

What is CHIP?

The Complete Health Improvement Program is an evidence-based, research-tested community education program that can help provide people with the tools, motivation and inspiration to take charge of their health. The program runs between 8 and 12 weeks and involves 18 learning sessions. Participants are asked to track their biomarkers, which include lipid profiles and fasting blood glucose. They record their blood pressure and body weight three times over the course of the program: at the beginning, after one month and at the end. Thousands of people have already turned their health around through CHIP.

How can CHIP help?

For those who suffer from Type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure or high cholesterol, who are overweight or obese, or who just want more control over their health, CHIP provides support and help. Participants typically find that within five to ten days of starting the program, they have more energy, they are losing weight and sleeping better, and their blood markers for chronic disease have improved.

Who endorses CHIP?

The National Cancer Institute ( has ranked CHIP as 100 percent effective as a research-tested intervention program for diet, nutrition and obesity. The American College Of Lifestyle Medicine, in its review of a paper in the January 2012 The American Journal of Cardiology, states that CHIP is one of the most cost-effective ways to address chronic disease. CHIP is evidence-based, using the latest scientific research involving a wide range of experts in various areas of lifestyle medicine; their expertise ranges from medicine and clinical experience, exercise physiology and nutrition to positive psychology and behavior change. A recent trial at Kaiser Permanente in Southern California showed CHIP to be effective in significantly lowering risk markers implicated in Type 2 diabetes over the course of a 12-week intervention, exceeding all expectations.  

To learn more about CHIP’s proven results and benefits, visit To see and hear how others have turned their health around with the help of CHIP, visit


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