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Natural Solutions for Back-to-School Success

Aug 08, 2016 12:28AM ● By Diana Pereira

For Matthew Nester, a teacher at W. H. Rhodes Elementary in Milton, stocking up on essential oils is just part of the back-to-school routine.

“Being a teacher comes with challenges every day, from the germs that students spread to a lack of focus in the classroom and during testing,” he says. “Using On Guard [Doterra essential oil blend] in the classroom cuts down on the normal toxins of cleaners in the class and keeps germs down at the same time. I also use peppermint on a daily basis to help with increasing oxygen to the brain. During testing, I put out peppermint and wild orange to support brain function and help keep my sleepy students awake.” 

There’s science behind Nester’s strategy. Dr. Abbas Meamarbashi of the National Center for Biotechnology Information, part of the National Institutes of Health, has confirmed that peppermint essential oil boosts respiratory flow and therefore the supply of oxygen to the brain, supporting the idea that peppermint oil can help keep students alert. 

Adding rosemary to the combination helps support long-term memory function as well. In studies conducted by the Tisserand Institute, subjects exposed to rosemary oil showed a 60 to 75 percent increase in memory function compared to those who were not. Further studies showed that rosemary also increases alertness.  

Parents can create a specialized roller-bottle blend of citrus, peppermint and rosemary essential oils for their children to use during school and while studying to support memory and focus, or they can use a diffuser in the home before the children head off to school. Teachers can use a diffuser or blend the essential oils with water in a spray bottle. Students and teachers alike can use this blend every day to support learning and positive behaviors.

Navarre Living Yoga, located at 8162 Navarre Pkwy., is hosting a free event, Back to School with Essential Oils, at 6:30 p.m., August 4. For more information, contact Diana Pereira at 850-499-3670 or [email protected].

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