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Holistic Help for Heavenly Sleep

Jan 17, 2017 05:35AM ● By Sheila Tucker

According to the National Sleep Foundation, about 20 percent of Americans report that they get fewer than six hours of sleep on average, and the number of Americans who report that they get eight hours or more has decreased. And there's strong evidence that lost sleep is a serious matter. The foundation’s Sleep in America polls and several large studies have linked sleep deficits with poor work performance, driving accidents, relationship problems, and mood problems like anger and depression. A growing list of health risks has been documented in recent studies too. Heart disease, diabetes and obesity have all been linked with chronic sleep loss. In this workshop, you'll learn about circadian rhythms, sleep cycles, and natural solutions for falling and staying asleep. Then you'll create a few of these to take home for a restful night’s sleep.

A resident of the Florida Panhandle and a passionate supporter of her local community, Sheila Tucker excelled in her career as a registered nurse and redefined her own health by discovering natural solutions to wellness. She is a mother of seven, a Gold doTerra wellness advocate and a global network marketing professional. With expertise in emergency, intensive care, coronary care and administrative nursing, she has been an RN for more than 20 years, assisting locals through one-on-one health consultations. Sharing health and prosperity through serving others, she’s made it her mission to offer transformational education to the world.

For more information, contact Sheila at [email protected] or 850-621-2675.

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