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Aromatherapy for Natural Animal Care : Norma Willock

Aromatherapy for animals is the art and science of using plant-based essential oils to treat both the emotional and the physical bodies of animals, taking into consideration the whole animal rather than treating one specific symptom. The oils work to support the animal’s whole being in an effort to support specific targeted body systems. Essential oils have a positive effect on animals and leave no toxic residue, as synthetic drugs do. They are a safer alternative for treating your furry best friend. Instructor Norma Willock will present a broad overview of how essential oils can be utilized on our animal friends and which oils are unsafe to use. She'll also discuss detailed recipes for blends to ease various common ailments.

Norma is a wife, the mother of six daughters, and the grandmother of twelve. After leaving her professions of accounting and architecture to pursue a lifelong passion for supporting natural means to wellness, Norma became an essential oils educator in 2012. She used this knowledge on her 8-year-old rescue boxer, Ziggy, who suffered from heartworms and weighed only 42 pounds but now is thriving from her nurturing care. Norma became certified in the AromaTouch Technique in 2013 and became a certified trainer of the technique in 2015. Understanding how powerful the AromaTouch Technique can be in the lives of so many people, Norma very much enjoys instructing people in its use and sharing other essential-oil-related tidbits with the local community.

For more information, contact Norma at [email protected] or 334-444-9478.

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