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Kudos - Angel Hill, PhD

Mar 04, 2017 06:27AM

Angel Hill, PhD, a certified traditional naturopath and natural health consultant, recently completed a certificate in energy healing. The certificate explores the foundations of energy medicine, including the biofield (human energy field), the chakras, music and sound, meditation, qigong and acupuncture.

  “There is increasing scientific evidence that human beings are comprised of an energetic system that is highly integrated with the physical body, emotions and the spiritual aspect of individuals,” Hill says.

  The coursework’s special focus on sound healing and meditation reflects current trends in modern medicine, she says. “In an age where people increasingly turn to holistic methods of healing, music therapy and sound healing have entered mainstream health care and can be used successfully with people of all ages and disabilities. And meditation offers improvement in the symptoms of various disease conditions and the experience of a deeper spiritual connection.”

  Hill has a doctorate in natural health, master iridologist certification and a master’s in holistic nutrition. She is an herbal information specialist with the American Botanical Society; certified as a RAW Food Chef by Alissa Cohen Living on Live Food; and a nutraceutical consultant with International College. She provides natural health assessments via Skype and at the Alternative Health Food Store in Pace.

For details, visit or contact her at 850-994-3606.

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