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Mariann Martin believes in laughter. In fact, she believes in the healing power of laughter and humor, continuing to utilize and promote its endless array of benefits to the human body. 

Her passion has led to opportunities in becoming a Certified Laughter Leader (CLL-E) with the World Laughter Tour (WLT). Located here in Northwest Florida, Martin has created workshops she makes available to the public. These workshops fashioned after other organizations across the US and after meeting and working with Dr. ‘Patch’ Adams, MD. She became Interested in further integrating professional medical/therapeutic/rehabilitative training programs sponsored by various established laughter troupes. “Laughter produces a wide range of positive pleasant emotions such as will to live, determination, love, compassion, joy, creativity, pleasure, frivolity, festivity, and humor” Martin says.  

She goes on to say, “Some benefits of laughter and positive feelings include various physiological benefits such as increased heart rate, oxygenation of the blood, increased endorphin levels (the body's natural pain-killer), boost in the immune system, release of muscular tension, and increased creativity, to name a few”. We can all use some laughter in our lives these days and many might find it to be a social tool or help them in their professions. The power of humor and laughter helps to create relationships and bonds that are stronger and more resilient. Other sources of her inspiration are Clowns of America International (COAI) , International Shrine Clown Association , World Clown Association (WCA)

For in-depth information, schedule a custom designed workshop/lecture, contact Mariann Martin (AKA ’Dr. R. U. Loozinitt, HD’)  [email protected], (850) 477-5247

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