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Natural Awakenings Northwest Florida

5533 Highway 90
Pace, FL 32571

Educated and friendly Staff, Quality Vitamins & Supplements.Essential O i l s f o r a h e a l t h y lifestyle. Natural Health Assessments: Iridology Tongue and Fingernail Assessment, Reflex Nutrition Assessment. By appointment, $50


take-away from store visit: as a long-time customer of this store, I had stopped by to purchase a couple items. only to find out things has changed to the point I regret my purchase. they have taken away loyal customer discounts and seem to just care about the dollar. I had a couple questions about mixing supplements. when I called, there was an automated system that put me straight to voicemail. when Angel, Manager, called me back, she seemed very rushed, agitated, was very rude and unprofessional. advice: order from on-line supplement stores to save $ customers are not appreciated/valued at Alternative Health Food Store in Pace

Service on Dec 05