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Tips for Safe Disposal of Medicines

Aug 01, 2011 12:42PM ● By Courtesy of Gulf Breeze Apothecary

When faced with a medicine cabinet crowded with expired or unused medicines, it is easy to let the clutter build. Unwanted medications are often thrown into the trash or flushed, but they are a toxic form of hazardous household waste and should be disposed of properly. Some pharmacies, such as Gulf Breeze Apothecary, offer a take-back service for unwanted medicines. To comply with privacy standards, all personal information on the labels is destroyed.

 If take-back services are unavailable, medications can be prepared for safe disposal in household trash by adhering to the following steps.
·      Never flush medicine or pour it down a sink drain.
·      Remove the medicine from its original container. Remove or conceal any personal information on empty containers, including the prescription number, using a black permanent marker.
·      If the medicine is a capsule or tablet, mix it with water to initiate a breakdown process. Then, mix the medicine with used coffee grounds or cat litter.
·      Put the medicine mixture into an opaque disposal container with a lid and place in the trash.
The proper disposal of unwanted medicine provides immediate health and safety benefits for individuals, families and the environment. A clean, well-ordered medicine cabinet means a clear conscience, as well.
Gulf Breeze Apothecary, a compounding pharmacy, is located at 1177 Gulf Breeze Pkwy., Gulf Breeze 32561. For more information, call 850-677-9340 or visit
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