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New CD Helps Heal the Body

Oct 09, 2011 06:23PM

Alice McCall, of Healing Path, has released a specialized meditation CD, Body Wellness, which features guided energy support for key body areas related to health and healing. A technique for energetic cleansing of the lymphatic system, breathing exercises, designed to oxygenate the body on a cellular level, and meditations, designed to facilitate transformation and love, are included.


Listeners looking for health maintenance, anti-aging and healing support will find them in this CD, which includes some of the concepts and exercises explained in McCall’s book, Wellness Wisdom.


McCall, a cellular level healing consultant, spiritual counselor, hypnotist and author, holds a B.S. in psychology and an MBA, and was inspired to pursue holistic healing due to a diagnosis of breast cancer in 2007. She says, “It has been serendipitous that the CD is ready for launch in October, as this is the month that everyone focuses on breast cancer. My hope is that Body Wellness will resonate with those looking for holistic ways to self-heal or maintain their health.”


For more information about the CD and other healing programs, visit

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