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Natural Awakenings Northwest Florida

Healing Oils Of The Bible

Oct 30, 2011 02:05PM

Unity of Pensacola will conduct a presentation of the Healing Oils of the Bible, at 7 p.m., November 7, in the sanctuary. Participants will be carried away to an ancient atmosphere anticipating the first Christmas. Smell the true essence of the season with the oils of frankincense, spikenard, myrrh and cassia. Hear how these precious oils were once used, and how you can use them today. Science is rediscovering the many benefits of therapeutic-grade essential oils in the treatment of cancer, diabetes, wounds, anxiety and depression.

The Bible contains a multitude of references to aromatherapy applications for healing our spiritual and mortal wounds. Essential oils are making such a comeback in today’s culture, but the commercial abundance of scented candles, bath and cleaning products and plug-in air fresheners is missing the intended potential of aromatherapy. The olfactory system reports directly to the center of the brain. Thus, any and everything you smell, including chemicals and artificial scents, affects you immediately on all levels of being. Smells can instantly change your mood, stimulate appetite, make you happy, relaxed or fearful, and true aromatherapy can even heal.

Keeping with the true spirit of the holidays, donations for the Manna Food Bank will be accepted as admission at the door by Laurie Azzarella and her group of Young Living Educators.

Location: 716 N. 9th Ave. For more information call 850-380-4943 or visit

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