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Natural Awakenings Northwest Florida

Healing Oasis Offers New Pranic Healing Classes

Prana and chi are both types of energy we automatically absorb when exposed to the sunlight, when we breathe the air and when we walk around every day, and many times, we are affected by other people's energy. Fear-based energies will affect your perception and anger will poison the body. Be graceful with yourself. Learn to release old beliefs and old habits. Your life is your canvas. Lori Thomas, a pranic healing instructor, is offering a new Pranic Healing Level I Class from 9 to 5:30 p.m., March 24 and 25, at Pranic Healing Oasis, in Pensacola.

The art and science of Pranic Healing is a discipline that teaches techniques to eliminate the negative emotions and feelings that block the flow of energy. There is an intimate relationship between the physical and energy bodies. Before anything materializes in the physical, it starts in the aura (bioplasmic energy field). If you don't do anything with the energy field, then the damage spreads to the physical body.

In orthodox medicine, the emphasis is to treat the physical body. In Pranic Healing, the emphasis is on the energy body and its treatment. As you put pranic energy through the aura, it moves into the physical body. Energy always follows intent.

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