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RAMMO Owners Offer New Store and Franchise Opportunity

Mike Petrucci, president of RAMMO True Green Solutions, has a simple concept of what green products should do and what they should cost—so simple that he named his company after what their first product does. RAMMO stands for removes all mildew, mold and odors.

Petrucci is very opinionated about what true green really means and he is committed to helping educate the public about the makers of products that use “greenwashing” marketing claims. Greenwashing is a ploy that some companies use to mislead consumers about a product’s green status. Petrucci explains, “Ninety-five percent of ‘green’ products aren’t as environmentally friendly as suggested on the product marketing. Green, by definition, leaves no residue, no footprint and no trace on our planet—completely biodegradable.”

Petrucci also has a strong belief in keeping the American dollar at home. RAMMO is America's largest manufacturer of EPA-exempt, biodegradable, low VOC and organic cleaning, fertilizer, paint and animal health products. “Our products are all 100 percent American made; from innovation to ingredients, packaging and manufacturing,” states Petrucci.

It was Petrucci’s wife Donna that suggested creating an all-green retail store. The storefront will open in Destin in May, fully stocked with their entire line of products for retail and commercial use.

“The marinas, commercial car washes and painting contractors will find all the products they need to be greener in their own businesses. We will offer hands-on training and education by the owners and developers,” explains Petrucci.

The couple has plans to offer affordable turn-key franchise opportunities and make the prototype available to anyone traveling to the Destin area.

Petrucci is proud that the solutions are powerful, yet absolutely safe for humans, animals and the environment. After extensive successful field-testing, He says the company is engaging leading retailers to carry the product worldwide, as well as with many agencies. “Our products are true green; the most powerful on the market in the green product line, and they are affordable,” asserts Petrucci. “I want to see a mandate to use the solutions in government agencies, oil companies, the military services, transportation companies, manufacturers and emergency-response teams.”

Affordability is also a key factor for Petrucci’s business objective. “What I want is to make green affordable for people. Why should you spend $8 for hand lotion, just because it is green?”

For more information visit CustomerS[email protected] or call 855-697-2666.

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