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Natural Awakenings Northwest Florida

Bar Therapy Now Available Locally

May 06, 2012 06:59PM

Linda Stalder, LMT, now offers Access Consciousness™ Bars Therapy. Access Consciousness™ is a simple set of tools, techniques and philosophies for living consciously and with awareness that can change any area of an individual’s life. The technique uses 32 points on the head, or bars, that when touched, are reported to provide relief in the body and help let go of beliefs, limitations and judgments. They are called bars because touching any two points creates a “bar” of energy; sessions typically last 90 minutes.

The bars refer to specific points relating to issues such as money, sadness, joy and healing. Stalder states, “Running the bars is like emptying the trash or defragmenting the computer; organizing it and creating more space. What would it be like to create more space and the possibility for something different to show up in your life?”A video demonstration, The Access Consciousness Bars, is available on YouTube online.

Linda Stalder is a licensed massage therapist, a certified life coach and certified bars facilitator in Pensacola. She teaches bars classes and eight CEUs are available to LMTs. For more information, call 850-723-1699 or email [email protected].

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