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How Acupuncture Facelifts Work

May 06, 2012 07:12PM ● By By Dr. Sheryl Roe

The basis for acupuncture theory is that qi (energy) travels through the body in channels called meridians, most of which go through our face or connect to one of the channels that do. The liver channel is a good example as it runs from between our first and second toe to the middle of our bottom lip. First it passes up thru the entire body including the neck to the top of the head and back down passing thru the forehead, brow, along the side of the nose and then round the mouth. Frown lines can be seen in the brow and around the mouth. 

As the energy travels thru the meridians and gets close to the surface of the skin, there are multiple places called points where this energy can be tapped.

The purpose of acupuncture is to affect the flow of energy based on the goals for that person.

By placing needles in the points on the face, an acupuncturist can affect not only the underlying muscles but also the energy flowing in these channels that control things like emotions, water metabolism, waste disposal, energy distribution, sleep and sense of wellbeing.

The placing of the needles takes about 20 to 30 minutes. Many people rest and often sleep, as the feeling is very relaxing. In most cases a person can see some results right away, but usually over the next week the person will notice their face being firmer, less lines around eyes, mouth and neck, along with substantial physical and mental benefits. Acupuncture cannot fix all the things, but acupuncture facelifts can help make stress less apparent on the face.

Dr. Roe is an acupuncture physician with offices in Navarre Healing Arts Center in Harvest Village and on Mary Esther Blvd in Fort Walton Beach. For an appointment call 850-225-3460 or visit

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