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New Service at Dr. Hart’s Dental Office

The dental office of Dr. Dayton Hart, DMD, in Foley, now offers TruDenta, a new service to help relieve painful symptoms that result from dental force imbalance. According to TruDent specialists, imbalanced dental issues can result in serious conditions that include headaches and migraines; chronic head, neck and face pain; ringing or fullness in the ears; grinding and broken teeth; clenching and popping of the jaw and numerous other symptoms not typically associated with dentistry.

“This new program can relieve an issue such as a migraine headache, because most are related to the bite being off,” says Hart. TruDenta treatments are painless, pleasant, drug and needle-free. This innovative dentistry service utilizes systems and methods perfected in sports and advanced dental medicine to diagnose overall health and well-being.

Hart has been uniquely trained and the office equipped with patented examination, diagnostic and treatment technologies. According to Hart, he and his staff will quickly and objectively measure for possible dental forces. Patients will see a real-time movie of their bite and the distribution of the forces within the mouth, on a tooth-by-tooth basis.

Location: 225 W. Laurel Ave., Foley. For information call 251-943-2471 or visit

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