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Peaceful Meditation with Pets: Unleash a Deeper Connection


Meditation is a powerful tool with far-reaching results, from feelings of physical renewal to stress reduction and even immune system enhancement. However; meditation does more than change the physical self; it creates positive shifts in emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

Alice McCall, owner of Healing Path, who works with many clients in the Emerald Coast area, is an author, healer, certified hypnotist and inspirational healer with a degree in psychology. McCall’s work covers the entire mind, body, spirit spectrum, including physical and emotional transformation. “My specialty is serious diseases, where I transform deep blocks of dense negative energy at the cellular level. I try to enhance my clients’ health, joy and spiritual evolution,” she says.

McCall is certain that animals like to meditate, too. She believes meditation is an activity that pets can enjoy with their owners, and that pets can have the same healthy benefits. McCall meditates regularly with her pets, offers animal healing sessions and works with other pet owners that are interested in meditation.

Lacey Meyer, a Miramar Beach resident, also believes in pet mediation. Meyer met McCall after the death of her husband three years ago. Having an optimist attitude, Meyer saw her husband’s passing as a rebirth. “He was my friend, hero, teacher and love of my life; he was everything. Moving on meant a rebirth, and meditation was always something I wanted to explore,” says Meyer.

Meyer became a client of McCall’s, and practices group healing meditation with her monthly. When McCall started offering healing meditations by teleconference, Meyer participated from her home and realized that her little dog, Tiki, enjoyed meditation, too.

“Alice starts the conference with sounds called ‘toning.’” When Tiki, hears the toning, she comes into the room and wants to be up in the chair with me. During the time that the group is meditating, Tiki is quiet and still. I think she is meditating with us,” explains Meyer. “It taught me that we are all connected. It gives me such a feeling of peace and harmony.” Now Tiki often joins Meyer for meditation calls.

McCall teaches several ways that pets can help their owners in meditation. She believes that they can help to hold the energy space, so if someone needs to move out of meditation state, they can slip back in quickly and easily; guide or assist within the meditation and remove negative energies.

“Some pets can help ground their owner. Their warm body, next to the meditator, can help the owner to maintain a connection to their physical body. It acts as a strong tether to the present moment, even in the deepest meditations,” says McCall. She further explains that when a pet can assist in one or more of these ways, the experience is enhanced.

Says McCall, “Even if none of this occurs, meditating with one’s pet is still a wonderful sharing experience.”

Once a year, McCall offers a free teleconference, Meditating with your Pet. For more information about Alice McCall, visit

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