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Natural Awakenings Northwest Florida

A Letter from the Editor

Sep 26, 2012 09:20PM ● By Jude Forsyth


Researching and writing the article “Greening Our Community” this month, as well as editing the many contributions we receive from local businesses in the sustainable industry, correlated nicely with my recent attendance at a meeting where the discussion was about religion and the environment. The many perspectives on how to create a healthier planet, combined with learning about how people are making a difference for all us right now, is fascinating.

Whether or not you think of yourself as someone interested in science or technology, it is intriguing to see how people are changing their personal and business habits to embrace the idea that we can lessen our own environmental footprint and offer opportunities for others to so do. It made me ponder my own family’s practices and the impact of the way I do my job.

I am the managing editor of Natural Awakenings of Northwest Florida because I am truly proud of Daralyn Chase, our publisher, and all that she does to keep us “walking the green walk.” Her choices for greening the production of the magazine you hold in your hand or are reading online allow me to believe you will be proud of us.

I wish I could be more proud of my personal green efforts, but as a meditation teacher, one of the practices I teach and embrace is the idea that we are all on our own path; if we are moving forward on that path, then we should relish the present moment. In doing so, we embrace the positive, and that makes it easier to bring more good practices into our life. Reading about our local efforts inspires me to challenge myself in different ways to move forward, as I hope it will inspire you.

I am confident that the many businesses and organizations in our beautiful Emerald Coast area with sustainable and green living missions are encouraged by this environmentally-themed issue and our continuing efforts to promote green news on our green living page, and will become part of the Natural Awakenings green movement.

The dream that Daralyn and I hold is to provide as much information about our green and sustainable movement, businesses and organizations along the Emerald Coast as possible, by starting an additional Natural Awakenings green edition. That would have so many more of us walking the green walk and spreading the news about it to our 45,000-plus readers in five counties. If you are one of those businesses or organizations, please contact us now to discuss ways that we may accomplish our mutual goals together.

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