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Love Your Life...: "Don't judge each day be the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant. ~ Robert Louis Stevenson


If I had to choose my favorite theme during our last 12 issues of Natural Awakenings magazine, this month’s “Passion and Purpose” would be it, because that is precisely what led me toward a career move in this field. Many of you may experience, as I did, a persistent inner voice urging me to seek a purpose in life that would make a difference to myself and to others. I remember my excitement when I was chosen at the tender age of 21 to represent one of the largest wholesale housewares firms in New York. It was a huge honor and serious career opportunity. Yet, after several years of selling $50 toilet brush sets to department stores, I had to ask myself, “Who cares?”

I craved a career that I was passionate about, but lacked direction. I had little ability to map out that journey and didn’t even know where to turn for help. It wasn’t until many careers later that I took a look around and asked what the one thing is that I have been passionate about all my life that I could share with others and make a difference.

Publishing Natural Awakenings has been the toughest, most demanding job I have ever attempted, and I wouldn’t give it up for anything. I never face a day of work with anything less than 100 percent passion and enthusiasm. Every chance I get, I look for new ways to share everything that Natural Awakenings is about. We recently had the opportunity to be part of facilitating a Center for Lifelong Learning course on integrative medicine, which has proven most successful and rewarding. The eight-class courses are taught by many of our local experts, and the attendance and response has been outstanding. We have also launched the Natural Awakenings radio show on NewsRadio 1620 AM, Pensacola,s Expert Panel (PEP) Talk Show. We are excited to provide our readers with a new venue to query experts in the natural health community.

I know that over the years, my friends and family have shunned my discussions about what constitutes a healthy bowel movement and cringed at the thought that I prefer to meet my beef (cow) face-to-face before I choose to serve it to my family. Yet they will attest that for most of my life, I have been passionate about sharing a healthier, more balanced way of life. I view wellness as the greatest gift from our creator, and my deepest values are based on my ideal that we all deserve to feel good… every day.

This sentiment is well shared by Lisa Marshall in our feature article, “Fashion a Passion-Driven Life,” about recognizing your passion and turning it into your life’s purpose. This month’s issue offers several resources and modalities for finding a better way in articles by our own local expert, Dawn Dalili, ND, in “Happiness Leads to Healthiness,” and renowned author Jack Canfield, in “Overcome Obstacles to Achievement.” Our intention is that anyone seeking a new course will be empowered by the passion of community leaders such as Jamie Sanders, of Unity in Pensacola, who shares, “Charting a New Course with Soul GPS.”

Our community of holistic practitioners gladly opens its arms with resources and expertise to help you find your passion and develop your life’s purpose.

Wishing you a meaningful holiday season!


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