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Celebrating 20 Years of Rolfing: Nanette Savage, Ceritfied Advanced Rolfer

Nov 04, 2012 08:39PM ● By Jude Forsyth


In her early 20s, Nanette Savage was working at various jobs and found that she disliked sitting for eight hours. Recognizing that she needed to change her life, she read the popular self-help book, What Color is Your Parachute?, by Richard Bolles, and found herself musing over the question, “What has had a postive impact on your life?” She began to think about the Rolfing sessions she experienced years prior and remembered how good she felt.

At first, Savage had to be talked into attending a Rolfing class by a fellow martial artist. “I didn’t think I needed it because I was 23, but I was told it would improve my martial arts performance, so I tried one session. After experiencing it, I felt great, my athetic performance improved and I took all 10 sessons,” explains Savage.

She learned that Rolfing helps people find greater mobility and balance by using techniques that promote symmetrical body alignment. Practitioners use a system of hands-on manipulation of the body’s connective tissue to lengthen the fascia so that the muscles and bones are able to function appropriately with less energy.

The Rolfing sessions were a positve impact on Savage’s life. “It struck me what a wonderful thing it was; making me see that physical and mental wellbeing can change,” she says. “I found what I wanted to do professionally.”

Savage went back to school in 1989 at the Rolf Institute, in Boulder, Colorado. After two years of classes, completing her school work and taking time to absorb the material, Savage became a certified Rolfer in November 1992 and marks her 20-year anniversary this month.

“Rolfing is so amazing, and there is something to learn from each of my clients. They have kept me intrigued and I have enjoyed supporting them on their journey of self-discovery,” explains Savage. “They may come with shoulder or back pain, but watching them evolve and change their perceptions is what keeps me fascinated and allows me to grow, as well.”

Savage took more Rolfing classes, and in 2000 was certified as an advanced Rolfer. She enjoys using her education and training to focus on helping people reach their potential, saying, “People are usually movtivated to try Rolfing because of the pain, but I am also taking them on a journey of self-discovery, realization and acceptance. People are pretty fascinating!”

Looking ahead to the next 20 years, Savage enthusastically states, “I will continue to polish my own soul by growing  personally, and I will continue to share with people on the Emerald coast. I am happy doing what I am doing.”

Call Savage at 850-621-6101 or find out more about Rolfing at

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