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Brenda Bischoff: Empowering the Authentic Life

Nov 05, 2012 12:06AM ● By Jude Forsyth


Brenda Bischoff, owner of Transform Your Life, in Pensacola, is a talented motivational speaker and special event coordinator. Her passion for health and wellness issues stems from the loss of her mother to lung cancer and dealing with a serious illness of her own.

When Bischoff’s mother was diagnosed with cancer, it became apparent that conventional medicine was not working, so she began researching alternative therapies and even volunteered at an herb shop to learn all she could to help her mother. Later, Bischoff was inspired by a doctor that recommended she study hypnotherapy to work with the subconscious mind and its ability to heal the body.

In 1990, Bischoff became a certified hypnotherapist, and her own mission and vision for her life evolved as she began sharing her knowledge with others. She explains, “I am a dream maker. I use my gifts of insight, inspiration, wisdom, enthusiasm and motivation to empower myself and others to step into the realm of possibilities, where dreams do come true.” Bischoff is enthusiastic about her chosen profession, saying, “I love, love, love public speaking! I love teaching! I am passionate about what I believe in and I enjoy sharing share great life stories that help to empower people.”

Bischoff guides her clients through the understanding of their subconscious mind and how to overcome thoughts and feelings of negativity. Her advanced training and experiences provide a strong belief system. “The mind/body belief system connects our physical health. We live our life by our internal stories. These stories are often not ours, but our parents and those of other people who have influenced our younger mind. We may struggle to live with them because it may be a negative belief system, and the subconscious mind wants to be right,” she explains.

Bischoff believes we draw people and events to ourselves that make those belief systems true, even if it means sabotaging our own success, but the subconscious mind can be changed with hypnosis, because while the past events can’t be changed, the emotional attachment to them can be. This allows a client to live the future with a different reaction.

Bischoff describes one client’s breakthrough years ago. “A young woman was suffering from the effects of a very abusive mother and couldn’t overcome her past. Using time line therapy and having her look down at her life events as a series of little lights along a line, I asked her which light was shining the brightest. Without hesitation, she said the third one. Her abuse started at age 3. We discussed how her brightest light was there to be the light for her mother’s darkness. This view changed her thoughts and feeling regarding her mother and helped her to heal.”

Bischoff doesn’t just offer hypnotism as a healing modality, but combines it with other therapies such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming, life coaching, time line therapy, reconnective therapy and energy work. She offers alternative energy healing modalities and helps the clients to develop the skills necessary to turn their dreams and visions into reality, so they can maximize their personal and professional growth.

“We are given a truth at the level we can receive it,” she says. “Some people are not ready to receive or accept what they learn, so I gently walk the path with them. As they empower themselves, they experience what it is to be authentic. It’s wonderful to see them transform and begin a new life.”

Transform Your Life Center is located behind the University Mall, in Pensacola. Call Bischoff for a free consultation at 850-637-1631 or visit

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