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The Passion and Pastures of Jordan Rubin’s Beyond Organic

Dec 23, 2012 04:18PM

Jordan Rubin fulfilled a lifelong dream in 2009 with the founding of Beyond Organic, a vertically integrated organic food and beverage company, farming more than 8,000 organic acres in Missouri and Georgia. The passion Rubin has for organic animal farming started with Rubin’s illness as a teenager, when he was evaluated or treated by more than 69 medical experts, yet remained deathly ill. Conventional and natural treatments failed to return Rubin to good health. Raised in a family of faith, he read a scripture from Hebrews that inspired him. He explains, “The scripture said that faith is the substance of things hoped for; the evidence and assurance of things not seen. I decided to put action to my faith.”

Rubin’s first step was to ask his mother to take a picture of him in his current unhealthy state. His mother was reluctant, wanting to wait to take the picture when he was healthier. Rubin insisted, because he knew that people might not believe his story as he undertook God’s plan to help him recover. The boy began a way of life eating and drinking as men and women of the Bible did centuries ago. He began to consume only whole foods and beverages, such as cultured dairy products and grass-fed beef that was rich in nutrients and raw beverages. After a 40-day period, Rubin went from sickness to health, and understood that God’s plan for him was to become a messenger. “I call it the maker’s diet. I went from being a mess to a messenger; I promised then to have a hand in raising and growing the world’s healthiest foods,” he says.

In 1988, with his parents’ credit card in hand, Rubin founded Garden of Life, now a leading whole food nutritional supplement company. He traveled five continents and 44 states to learn about the world’s foods and to partner with health food stores and physicians’ offices. The seeds for Beyond Organic were planted then, and later realized with the development of a farm on more than 8,000 acres of pristine land in the Ozarks, and continued among 140 acres of pure, spring-fed mountain property in North Georgia.

Beyond Organic is a vertically integrated company, controlling the entire supply chain for all foods and beverages produced. Rubin also chose manufacturing partners to help create toxic-free skin and body care products and organic chocolate. “My commitment was to be uncompromising about the quality of the food; having a hand in every aspect of the supply chain, using tips from the ancient biblical past and delivering live, delicious, healthy foods from our farm to your family,” states Rubin.

Rubin continued by developing a mission with three parts: transforming the health of this nation and world, one life at a time; creating superior quality health and wellness solutions; and teaching the principles of biblical health, abundant living and environmental stewardship.

“Our health and wellness solutions feature leading-edge products and programs designed to help minimize toxins and maximize nutrition, rejuvenating the body from the inside-out,” explains Rubin. “We offer products and programs that go ‘beyond organic’ within the categories of cleansing and detoxification, toxic-free skin and body care, live snacks and beverages, pure mountain spring water and nutrient-dense beef and dairy products, shipped direct from our farm to your family.”

Rubin’s vision includes sound environmental practices. “I feel we have lost our connection to the land. I want to help reconnect individuals to the ultimate source of health—food and water from land preserved by nature. We are the stewards of this earth,” he explains.

Beyond Organic is a direct selling company. Instead of sharing his profits with health food retailers, Rubin decided to share with those that shared his message the most and support the people that have been championing natural health all along. His plan helps those champions get their food and beverages free or to earn income. His program utilizes independent representatives, or mission marketers, to reach potential customers, rather than traditional retail methods. States Rubin, “If you want to spread the message of health to others, Beyond Organic will walk alongside you in your journey to change your diet, change your life and change your world.”

Rubin also engages in charity work. He follows the biblical example of Joseph, who saved his family and a whole people, by storing food during good times to distribute to people during a drought. Founded in 2011 by Jordan and Nicki Rubin, the Beyond Organic Foundation is a Bible-based charity that finds its roots in James 1:27 that teaches caring for orphans and widows in distress. He does so by partnering with churches, ministries and missionaries to feed, clothe, shelter and care for people around the world.

Rubin encourages Beyond Organic representatives to give back with his “Give-a-Meal, Get-a-Meal” program that invites participants to donate $10 (or more if they wish) with their order to pay for a meal for someone in need. He encourages this by adding $10 worth of free product credits to the customer's account.

Rubin shares his philosophy, “We will not measure our success by the amount of food we ship or the amount of dollars people put in their pockets, but by how many lives that are changed.”

For more information about Beyond Organic products and services, or business opportunities in the local area, visit

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