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Estriol Facial Cream Helps to Build Collagen

With a decline in hormones, many women report that their skin suddenly gets worse around menopause. Female hormones help with building collagen and nourishing skin. Losing them causes loss in collagen and increased fine lines and wrinkles. However, there is an option available for this of which not many people are aware.

Dr. Nitin Bawa prescribes estriol facial cream, which can be made by compounding pharmacists. It contains the safest of the three human estrogens, and a small amount on the face at nighttime helps to build collagen and nourish skin. Smokers normally get lots of lines and wrinkles because of loss of collagen, and this estriol facial cream works wonders, on even smokers’ skin.

Dr. Nitin Bawa practices in Santa Rosa Beach, Destin and Panama City. He contributes to local newspapers and his articles can be found on the Internet. For more information, call 850-424-7320 or visit

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