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Destin Chiropractic Center under New Ownership

Dr. Ryan J. Garcia has taken ownership of the Destin Chiropractic Center from Dr. Tom Kratz. Garcia earned his undergraduate degree from University of West Florida and is a graduate from the Palmer College of Chiropractic. He interned with Fulton and Rabinowitz Chiropractic, in Pensacola, and brings his own chiropractic philosophy to the Destin Chiropractic Center.

Garcia believes that chiropractic treatment is incomplete without physical rehabilitation following the adjustment. His model is to get a patient out of acute pain first, make structural changes and then teach them to go home and do the exercises he prescribes to heal the weakened areas. Once he is confident that the patient is doing the exercises, he recommends regular monthly adjustments.

Location: 4014 Commons Dr. W., Ste. 114, in Destin. For more information, call 850-654-6912 or email [email protected].

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