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Contreras Opens Chiro Practice in Fort Walton Beach

Jan 31, 2013 09:30AM

Dr. Dave Contreras has opened a practice at 339 Racetrack Road, in Winrock Plaza, Fort Walton Beach, adjacent to The Golden Almond health food store. He is a proficiency-rated Activator Methods international chiropractor. Activator Methods, sometimes just called Activator, is the world’s most popular instrument adjustment technique.

Instrument adjustment with the Activator device is extremely gentle to the patient and can be used for toddlers, adults, seniors and athletes alike with equal effectiveness. For those that don't care for manual adjustment, especially in the cervical, or neck area, the activator is ideal. The patient does not tense up before the adjustment, facilitating a more successful treatment.

Contreras also offers nutritional advice and utilizes Standard Process organic whole food supplements, as well as bio-identical progesterone cream.

For more information or schedule an appointment, call 850-376-9102.

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