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Solve Problems with Hypnosis

Jan 31, 2013 09:39AM

Destin Hypnosis combines hypnosis with life coaching to provide clients with the most effective way to support their efforts. Owner and practitioner Thomas Mueller is a certified clinical hypnotherapist with more than 500 hours of training from the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy, as well as a certified master life coach.

Mueller enjoys a fulfilling career helping others achieve their goals, saying, “Our mission is your success. If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of your life, I can help you think, feel, and act better.”

No issue too big or too small for Mueller. “I'm pretty sure I have a failsafe method for smoking cessation, but I can work with you on anything, from weight loss to drug and alcohol addictions or overcoming fears and enhancing personal success,” he states. “I just want to help because I love people.”

Destin Hypnosis serves Destin and the surrounding area, but also offers convenient telephone and Skype distance sessions.

Location: 4476 Legendary Dr., St. 203. For more information, call 850-865-0285 or visit

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