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I Have a Dream

Mar 02, 2013 08:02PM ● By Daralyn Chase, Publisher

Just recently, local farmer Chris Wigent handed me a head of naturally grown cabbage and some greens, freshly picked from his side-yard garden. Knowing it was as nutrient-dense as it could be, I cooked it up that evening. As I took my first bite, I was instantly reminded of the amazing, savory rich flavors of fresh, farm-picked produce grown without pesticides. I was transported back to my childhood, when frankly, food just tasted better. It reminded me of the many meals at my grandparents’ of green beans, squash and collards, picked from their garden that morning. During summer vacation, the garden was flourishing, and as my siblings and I played in the yard, it was a treat to pick berries, carrots or peas any time we wanted a quick snack. As I reflect upon the richness of that food, I realize how much I took it for granted.

I have a dream in which I walk out to collect my morning fruit and fresh eggs, and later that day head to my garden to pick my fresh herbs and vegetables for the evening meal. But lack of space or time or know-how has been my excuse for not bringing this dream to life. Even though I have always been a “city girl”, our feature article, “Urban Gardening Takes Root,” provides me with many simple ideas for starting in a new adventure to growing my own live food. Even I can give “lasagna gardening” a try!

In the meantime, I am happy for the opportunity to find local organic produce and products at the many farmers’ markets in town, including from the growing number of farmers providing high-quality grass-fed beef, lamb and pork, pasture-raised without antibiotics, hormones or GMO grains. Our community is fortunate to have such access through out Northwest Florida and we are excited to bring back our Local Produce and Farm Resource department to Natural Awakenings, with locations, days and hours and contact information. To learn more about growing or discovering fresh, natural produce, read our Food Spotlights in this month’s issue.

I may not be able to live on a farm, but I can tend my own inner garden! Over the years, my wellness journey has brought to my attention the importance of balancing my inner state. In 1883, the French chemist and biologist Antoine Beauchamp stated, “The primary cause of disease is in us, always in us.” When our digestive tract is not what it should be, our body will send us a multitude of messages in the form of physical and mental symptoms.

Over the past few years, I have learned from Donna Gates in The Body Ecology Diet and Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride in The Gut and Psychology Syndrome that I personally fit the phrase, “You are what you eat!” I have eliminated gluten and refined sugar from my diet and experienced amazing health transformations. This month, our story, “The Better Brain Diet: Eat Right To Stay Sharp,” gives some great tips for securing our mental clarity and ensuring that our minds will be as healthy as our bodies.

Be well and enjoy your produce picking, 

Daralyn Chase, Publisher

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