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Compounding Pharmacy Services for Pets

Pharmicist Regina Jaquess and her dog Stoney

Giving a pet medication is sometimes hard to do, but compounding pharmacists can help people accomplish the task more easily and with less stress for the pet by customizing medications so that the dosage form is easier to take and even tasty. Prescriptions can be made into flavored treats, flavored liquids and creams or gels. Compounding pharmacists can work with veterinarians to formulate the exact dosage needed for each pet.

Medications are compounded by leaving out fillers and using the best quality ingredients to dramatically increase positive results. Just as humans suffer during allergy season, so do pets—shampoos can be formulated to relieve itching and fight off fungal infections. Owners should tell veterinarians that they are using a compounding pharmacist to get the best results from their visit.

Emerald Coast Compounding Pharmacy is located at 1719 S. County Hwy. 393, in Santa Rosa Beach. For more information, call 850-622-5800.

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