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New Online Herbal School Debuts June 1

Apr 30, 2013 02:42PM

The Eclectic School of Herbal Medicine, created by Registered Clinical Herbalist Thomas Easley, will be starting a new Family Herbalist Program, followed by a Community Herbalist Program and Clinical Herbalist Program. The new program is unique because it combines online weekly lessons with in-person instruction.

The four-month Family Herbalist Program trains people to treat day-to-day sickness and injury naturally. It’s designed to take someone with little or no experience and teach them how to treat cuts, burns, colds, flu, infection, sprains and other acute health concerns. Classes also cover making tinctures, teas and salves, as well as basic botany and how to prepare a home emergency kit.

The Family Herbalist Program forms a foundation for the year-long Community and Clinical Herbalist programs.

About why he is expanding his school to include online classes, Easley explains, “I believe that herbal medicine has the potential to change the world. Unfortunately, much of what is taught about herbs and supplements is taught by people that don’t have much experience, driven by marketing, and not based in tradition or science. I intend to change that.”

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