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Martial Arts Combat Academy: John D. Lee 4th Degree Black Belt, Self-Defense and Personal Training

Martial Arts Combat Academy specializes in teaching modern self-defense techniques to men and women of all ages from the Calm Water system, founded by John D. Lee and based on his experience of two decades as a law enforcement officer. Children 4 to 8 years old in the MACA Tigers and 9 to 13 years old in the MACA Dragons are taught Calm Water with Stranger Danger and Bully Defense techniques built into the program.

Adult students of all ages learn the Calm Water Civilian Combat, which includes how to study one’s surroundings and read body language. The academy also offers women’s self-defense clinics, Zumba, Jazzercise, personal training and traditional Aikido. Calm Water Tai Chi provides health through low impact exercise and proper breathing with a hint of combat application. There’s even a competitive tournament team.

The Calm Water Civilian Combat principles of modern self-defense define combat as opposing a physical attack. The primary goal is to confidently stand and resist those that wish to hurt us. Students learn the appropriate reactions to counter specific threats. There are no intimidating instructors shouting, because Lee fosters a calmer approach, guiding and inspiring students to achieve their goals and avoid becoming a victim.

Lee holds a fourth-degree black belt from Grandmaster Ron Pierce, holds black belts in five martial arts styles, was a former certified Israeli Krav Maga instructor for police and military and is certified by the state of Florida as a law enforcement defensive tactics instructor. He also attends martial arts and police seminars to further his education.

Martial Arts Combat Academy
1605 North Partin Drive, Niceville
850-797-9429 or 850-797-9430

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