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ZIA Wellness, Inc.: Nancy E. Gross, Maharishi Ayurveda Wellness Consultant

Nancy D. Gross holds an MS in food and nutrition from Boston University and a BS in food and nutrition from University of Maine. She is a registered dietitian (1972), a RYT-200 registered yoga instructor, certified water instructor, certified worksite wellness specialist and certified Maharishi Ayurveda Wellness consultant. Her diverse career in food and nutrition spans more than 30 years.

Her purpose is to empower individuals to take responsibility for achieving optimal health using individual consultations or by attending educational and action-oriented workshops. By incorporating the principles of Ayurveda—the traditional healing system of ancient India, one can become conscious and awaken the body's inner intelligence to heal.

The workshop hands-on experience includes pulse diagnosis; determining one’s personal dosha; diet according to dosha, age, time of day and season to achieve balance; exercise recommendations related to dosha and health goals; meditation; specific foods and preparation of ayurvedic meals; daily oil massage; aromatherapy and herbs.

Clients receive a daily diary workbook to engage in the steps to daily self-management of their health to facilitate adoption of the lifestyle steps to balance their physiology. Additional workshop topics include A Taste of Ayurveda—a cooking class that delves into the importance of digestion and the use of spices and herbs to optimize health and a unique yogic personal at-home cleansing and detoxing protocol.

ZIA Wellness, Inc.
769 Eden Drive, Santa Rosa Beach
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