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Dr. Dayton Hart, DMD : Holistic Dentistry - Better General Health Through Better Dental Health

May 01, 2013 08:03AM

Dentist Dayton Hart comes from a long line of doctors and dentists. His grandfather and uncles were dentists, and he represents the fifth generation of healthcare practitioners. Hart holds a degree in psychology and a degree from University of South Alabama in biology. Hart was also certified by the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture in 1998 and has an understanding of how the body’s meridian system can affect health.

Hart has an understanding of the biocompatibility of dental materials. “We offer testing to see if a patient may be allergic or otherwise incompatible to some of the choices for dental materials. I do not use fluoride, and I will often recommend gold for bridgework substructure. It is not as toxic. Each patient has specific needs: fillings are not one kind fits all.”

He is concerned about dental toxicity from mercury in amalgam fillings and uses specialized equipment to minimize exposure to the patient and staff when removing old metal fillings. He explains, “I encourage everyone to view the video on my website on special procedures for mercury removal prior to going to their dentist.”

Hart is committed to staying on the cutting edge of his field. Many of his patients complain about jaw pain or headaches, so in February, he trained with TrueDenta System to use a tracking system for jaw movement and unstable biting to minimize migraine headaches.

Dr. Dayton Hart, DMD
225 West Laurel Avenue, Foley, Alabama

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