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Energy Feng Shui Based on Clairvoyant Observations

Lorraine Graves, owner of Sunshine Feng Shui, states, “Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese practice used to create balance, harmony and success energy in any environment. There are many different types of energies that can exist in any environment. Feng shui identifies those energy centers, and then works to enhance those centers.”

For instance, in any business, there exists a center for helpful people that includes clients and customers. Through the use of feng shui, that client center would be enhanced to draw in more and more clients. To enhance relationships between employees, feng shui would be used to identify a center of intimacy, helping people to feel more harmony towards one another and less friction on the job. Other energy centers may include centers of creativity, good health, children, family, knowledge, career, wealth and fame. Graves says, “In each case, feng shui can create a continuous flow of energy, enhancing that environment’s chosen purpose.”

Lorraine Graves, Ph.D., LMHC, practices psychotherapy, healing arts for the inner environment and feng shui, the psychology of the outer environment. For more information, call 850-433-2042.

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