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Compounding Pharmacy Provides Expanded Services

The Mack Bayou Pharmacy, in Santa Rosa Beach, specializes in doing things that most pharmacies can’t do for their customers. Instead of shuttling pills in standard dosages from a big bottle into a little one, they can create individualized medicines that are tailored to meet the special requirements that doctors may prescribe for optimum effectiveness in the fields of hormone replacement, pain management, pediatric, dermatological, dietary and veterinarian medications, to name a few.

Pharmacists Kevin Bandy, RPh, and Amy Frazier, PharmD, offer unique solutions to some of the most challenging needs in the pharmaceutical and health care industry, providing alternate medication formulas for patients that currently do not respond well to their medications or are getting too many side effects from their medicine regiment.

For example, a patient suffering from neuropathy may avoid taking several additional medications orally by using one of Mack Bayou Pharmacy's proprietary creams that when applied topically treats pain at its trigger point for less systemic absorption and consequently, fewer side effects.Staff also takes the time to work with their customers, answer questions and truly help them.

Location: 82 Mack Bayou Loop, Ste. B. Santa Rosa Beach, For more information, call 850-622-0730, email [email protected] or visit

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