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Natural Awakenings Northwest Florida

Necessity Proves to be the Mother of Invention

Oct 01, 2013 05:47PM

Esther Terns and Diana Pereira, co-owners of Esther’s Garden of Healing, in Navarre, have witnessed that the key to good health and vitality comes through knowledge about how to take care of the human body naturally. After losing 50 pounds in four months by changing her diet, adding specific herbs and essential oils and avoiding conventional body care products, Pereira found herself being questioned by Navarre locals about how they could help their own families gain better health naturally.
After sending them to different locations to obtain the needed items and discussions with Terns in July, Esther’s Garden of Healing was born. The idea that their establishment would be completely gluten-free came from Pereira’s long-term struggle of finding foods she and her four children could safely eat and body care products without cross-contamination during processing they could safely use. This led to the development of their own gluten-free natural skincare line, including everything from insect repellent, a must here in Florida, to balms and lotions for specific skin types.
Terns has an extensive history of using homeopathy and nutrition to cure herself of numerous ailments regarded by conventional medicine as lifelong illnesses, including thyroid disease and osteoporosis, and maintains an amazingly youthful appearance. Her love for animals is also evident from an extensive background in homeopathic and herbal pet care.
Both Pereira and Terns want to offer the community something more than just another store, so they envision a haven where people can go to find the necessities to help themselves naturally. This vision includes weekly community educational workshops about natural alternatives to solutions for almost everything that hinders optimal health. To make sure workshops are as detailed and accurate as possible, they are led by local experts on topics so varied that each class is only repeated every three months or so. All the workshops are listed on their Facebook page.
Their mission of encouraging the local community to live the natural life means that customer requests are honored as often as possible. They provide an in-store environment for patrons to sit in retro-style chairs, sipping complimentary herbal coffee and perusing the numerous resources available to help gain a better understanding of how to heal ailments naturally, or even prevent them to begin with.
The understanding that different herb or oil combinations are necessary for most ailments led the proprietors to offer more than 140 bulk herb and tea combinations. Many are available in capsule or tincture form, too. Homeopathic remedies and essential oils are also on hand, especially for children that may need a milder form of care than an average adult.
In the coming months, Esther’s Garden of Healing will continue to listen to the community about what products or services should be offered and workshops topics. Both women agree that the goal is to maintain a community resource center that will spread the concept of a healthy lifestyle for families and the environment.
Esther’s Garden of Healing is located at 8184 Navarre Pkwy., in Navarre. For more information, call 850-684-3230 or visit
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