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Humanity Awakening Becomes the Change

Dec 02, 2013 07:56PM ● By Dar

We are traveling together on this spiritual journey of life. We have chosen to be here on this planet at this time. We have agreed to participate actively in fostering the birth of a new era of consciousness. We have a role in awakening humanity. As more people become awake spiritually, we become catalysts for a leap to new thinking, beliefs, and approaches to address personal, social and world issues in more effective ways.

“Occasionally, in the course of history a new worldview emerges that transforms society,” says Barbara Marx Hubbard, in her book, Conscious Evolution. There has been the Renaissance, the transcendentalists, the civil rights movement, the environmental movement and many more. Each of these created major shifts in our worldview. 

Great changes in human consciousness usually involve both a push away from what is no longer working and a pull toward the promise of a better way. What is pushing us to evolve now is the breaking down of systems and practices that no longer work in our global interdependence, which leads to crisis. At the same time, there are new understandings of our interdependence with new ideas that are pulling us towards an exciting new future.

For example, a 100 million people have been lifted out of poverty through Muhammad Yunus' Grameen Bank's microloans. The goal is to promote financial independence and each borrower is part of a support group that agrees to abide by certain values such as schooling for children, completing home repairs and saving money. Then families are able to make larger investments for higher incomes.

Bill Gates provides a new approach to philanthropy by doing more than writing a check and hoping it will have a good result. Gates also brings his connections to ensure positive results. With the issue of vaccines, Gates built a team and led meetings with world leaders and the World Health Organization. His influence opened doors that are closed to most people. This new model is being used by other philanthropists.

Evolution raises consciousness and freedom as each leap brings new possibilities that are greater than what has come before.

“Our image of the future is instrumental in the evolution of the world. This is what conscious evolution means,” according to Barbara Marx Hubbard.

For the first time as humans, we are aware that we are consciously creating our world. It is time to fulfill our potential and participate in this exciting new stage of our history. What can be done? Here are two basic steps to begin living as an awakened human.

Start each day with 20 minutes to focus on being a universal human. Perhaps reflect on a great teacher/master and how they lived. For example, you could consider how Jesus demonstrated the Christ nature in his thoughts and words, his perceptions of others and the world, his love of self and others and his ability to radiate love and light in such as way that people followed him, disagreements ended and healing seemed natural. This Christ nature is already within us; it is simply a matter of choice. In living this way, our inner guidance will connect us more and more with others ready to evolve and give birth to a new consciousness. 

Also set aside time to imagine our new story: a maturing universal awareness, awakened humans expanding and connecting, new technologies and ideas to create new social systems built on cooperation and creativity, and a sustainable Earth for all beings. See and feel a new universal humanity, free from old limitations, that can envision brand-new options. Visualize this new story being a magnetic field attracting the right people and ideas that quickly come together to manifest the birth of a new world consciousness that works for all.

Neale Donald Walsch states this is “a blueprint for the reconstruction of human reality so bold, and yet so completely right, as to ignite the deepest sense within us that we can and must join in this co-creation now.”


Darby Neptune is the Spiritual Leader at Unity of Panama City. Her passion is helping others with their personal and spiritual transformation that results in creating a better life. For more information, visit

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