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Natural Awakenings Northwest Florida

Free Nutrition Seminar with Christy Krail-Javier

Nutritional consultant Christy Krail-Javier will offer a seminar on January 18, 2014, at Omni Health and Fitness, in Pensacola, for those interested in living healthily and being the best that they can be. Three guest speakers will talk about exercise programs, spiritual and mental wellness and a naturopathic doctor will address labeling of GMO food.

Krail-Javier will share information regarding what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle and get into the best shape possible, including programs she offers for those wishing to get well though sound nutrition without pharmaceutical medication.

She also has programs for athletes looking to compete or for people to achieve a fit physique. Krail-Javier says, “Whether it is to get in shape for a competition or heal the body with nutrition and natural supplements, this seminar will benefit you.”

Additionally, there will be three guest speakers: Ami Wight will talk about exercise programs, Chyrl Mosley will discuss spiritual and mental wellness and Catherine Wilbert, ND, will speak on GMO food and labeling.


Admission is free. Location: 5007 N. Davis Hwy. For more information, call 850-291-2932 or email [email protected].

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