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Don’t Let Tap Water Cause Health Problems

Dec 03, 2013 07:04PM

Pure Essentials LLC, a Pensacola-based, locally owned full-service water treatment company offering sales, installation and maintenance of a variety of water treatment equipment, is currently running a program called Spread the Health. This public program is aimed to educate and create awareness regarding Northwest Florida drinking water quality.

This program provides families, neighborhoods and businesses with the most up-to-date information on the local drinking water contaminants and their possible health effects. Although the Florida Department of Environmental Protection lists the maximum contaminant level standards, a recent study by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) found Pensacola’s water quality to be one of the worst in the nation.

From cyanide and mercury to chloroform and radium, the tap water contains hundreds of dissolved solids that most water filters do not remove and that can lead to serious health problems. Many bottled waters are no better. Owner Evan Munro says, “We educate the community on how they can have less total dissolved solids in their drinking water and more H2O.” 


For more information or to schedule a free water quality evaluation, call 850-637-4245 or visit

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