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The Weight is Over

Dec 26, 2013 03:50PM ● By Dr. Lisa Clark

Many people struggle with weight loss at some point in their lives, and the most important part of staying healthy and avoiding taking medications for adult onset diabetes or high blood pressure or increased cholesterol involves a year-round commitment to stay fit. There is no secret; it's an easy cure. The problem is the execution of changing dietary habits and exercising daily. However, most people are ready to justify why they are unable to do this, even though they really want the end result.

Here is a fun coaching tool called the Calendar of Excuses. Many people make New Year’s resolutions and then spend a few weeks or even months deciding what will improve their quality of life. However, what typically happens can be found in this tongue-in-cheek guide.


To get a fresh start to the New Year, I will give up food that is not healthy and start an exercise program.


It’s really been too cold to exercise and by the way, it is my turn to bring the Mardi Gras king cake?


With so much rain, its impossible to get some exercise.


I am really in a groove and I think I lost a few pounds.


The weather has been getting too hot to exercise, so I have had to wait for some cooler weather.


There are too many graduations and weddings to go to, and some summer travel where it makes it too difficult to keep tracking calories and an exercise routine.


Beer and food on the 4th. It’s too hard to keep up with exercise and diet when family and friends are visiting.


Once the kids get back to school, I can really get in a groove again, but why start now?


Okay, after Labor Day I am giving up alcohol and fatty foods.


I swear, no Halloween candy this year.


Thanksgiving, that's all I will say. Plus, a new year is right around the corner, so I may as well enjoy the holidays.


There is no way I can avoid all those homemade holiday treats, Christmas party. eggnog and rum drinks. I think I’ll ask my husband for a gym membership or a treadmill for Christmas and in January, it’s on!

We live in a sedentary society in the most beautiful place in the world, right here on the Emerald Coast. This year, set a resolution to lose weight, keep it off and make exercise part of everyday life, not just when the temperature is 72 degrees.


Dr. Lisa Clark, author of the book, Lighten Up America, owns Clark Family Medicine, in Destin.

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