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Coastal Core Pilates and Golf Conditioning

Dec 26, 2013 03:49PM ● By Martin Miron

Coastal Core Pilates & Golf Conditioning, in Miramar Beach, offers the highest level of classical and contemporary Pilates Instruction on the Emerald Coast. Whether clients are looking to create long lean muscles, relieve back pain, defend against osteoporosis or improve their golf game, Coastal Core Pilates offers the latest in functional training.

Owner Perri Panella was first introduced to Pilates in 2002 in South Florida. After practicing for a few years, she was so inspired that she wanted to spread the word about this unique form of exercise and in 2006, became certified as a Pilates instructor through the Pilates Certification Center, in North Carolina. Panella worked for a period of time training local clients and operating an in-home studio before opening Coastal Core Pilates.

Her studio only offers Pilates and Panella states that her goal is to offer the highest level of Pilates on the Emerald Coast. She also likes the fact that Pilates is for all ages, men, women and children. She says, “No one should have to be in pain and movement heals.” To further pursue her education, she took another rigorous training program through Power Pilates, and Coastal Core Pilates is also a host site for Power Pilates teacher training.

Panella then extended her Pilates training into a golf conditioning program, receiving Pilates for Golf Conditioning Certification through Hole in One Fitness, and is a member of the Association of Golf Fitness Professionals.

The golf program at Coastal Core Pilates & Golf Conditioning, provides the fitness difference any golfer can apply to gain more strength, flexibility, range of motion and overall stamina to improve their game. Flexibility and mobility in the player’s shoulders, hips and spine, not to mention a strong core, including abdominals, lower back, glutes and pelvic floor muscles, leads to the explosive trunk rotation that creates big, powerful swings.

Pilates builds a strong core that supports the upper body, back and shoulder muscles, allowing them to go through a full range of motion. The players power improves with muscle flexibility, essential for both the back swing and follow-through. If there is any restriction, the golfer will compensate, creating risk of injury. A flexible upper body is what creates the fast club head speed.

Panella is certified in NCPC Beginner Mat, NCPC Reformer Certification, Power Pilates Beginner Mat and Intermediate Mat, Power Pilates 150-hour, System Level Training, and Power Pilates’ highest level certificate, a 600+ hour comprehensive certification. She also holds certificates in Hole-in-One Pilates for Golf Level 3, TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) Golf Fitness Professional Level 2 and K-Vest Swing Analysis Level 2.

In 2014, Panella will attend another rigorous Classical Advanced Teacher Training with second-generation Pilates teacher Kathryn Ross-Nash, in New York City. She will also be taking another in-depth anatomy and kinesiology class developed specifically for movement professionals.

Coastal Core Pilates instructor Jennifer Alley-Crider says, “Pilates has been a part of my life for the past 14 years. I started taking classes during college and continued taking while living in Atlanta for several years. Eventually, I decided to get certified to teach others my passion for Pilates.” Thus, her new career was set.

“My first certification was with Power Pilates soon after I received my reformer and equipment certification with Stott Pilates, and I specialize in post-rehab and prenatal Pilates,’ she says. “I learned that Pilates is not only a challenge to the body, but also the mind. It has taught me body awareness and movements that my body needs to stay healthy. Core strength builds good body alignment and posture, which is necessary for optimal health. I look forward to teaching clients how to improve the body from the inside-out.”


Coastal Core Pilates  is located at 11275 Emerald Coast Pkwy, Ste. 7, in Miramar Beach. For more information about a free initial consultation, call 850-650-0201 or visit

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