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Let's Laugh Our Way to Better Health

Sunshine Yoga, in Destin, is now offering Let's Laugh, a free 45-minute class similar to Laughter Yoga, several times per week. Students relearn what children instinctively do an average of 300 times per day; the first time leaves us feeling more relaxed, while regular attendance can joyfully change our lives.
The goal of a laughter class is to bring good health, joy, and world peace through laughter. This universal language is bringing people together all over the world in more than 6,000 clubs, and now we can experience this worldwide phenomenon, too.
It has been scientifically documented that we can literally laugh our way to better health. Laughter's benefits, which act simultaneously on the mind, body and spirit, improve cardiovascular health, lift depression and strengthen the immune system.
Laughing also improves communication skills, creativity, self-esteem and personal relationships. Many practitioners claim they no longer need antidepressants. Other studies have shown a decrease in respiratory infections such as the common cold and flu.
Love offering accepted. Location: 211-E, Main St., Destin. For more information, call 850-687-8603, email Petey Floyd at [email protected] or visit
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