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Kovar Chiropractic & Natural Wellness Center: Respecting the Body’s Ability to Heal

Feb 28, 2014 05:26PM ● By Thomas Masloski

John S. Kovar, DC

John S. Kovar, DC, proprietor of Kovar Chiropractic & Wellness Center, states, “Chiropractic is effective, safe and gentle. It respects the body’s own ability to heal; its natural recuperative powers. Drug-free and surgery-free, it offers patients a real choice.” Kovar Chiropractic & Natural Wellness Center is, as its name implies, more than a traditional chiropractic practice. It’s a holistic health center designed to combine chiropractic with other techniques in order to provide patients with long-lasting solutions to their well-being.
Kovar, founder of the Center, has been practicing chiropractic care for more than 30 years in Fort Walton Beach. Over the years he has maintained his edge with postgraduate classes in a number of specialty techniques, but ask him whether he follows a specific system and he comes back to the basic principles of his chiropractic specialty. He points out that this healing art, science and philosophy was discovered more than a century ago, and is now the most widely used natural health modality in the world.       

Says Kovar, “From its very beginnings, research has shown that by releasing stress within your body and mind, chiropractic care allows your inner healer to function properly. The result is that almost every condition, from infections to digestive problems to emotional and neurological conditions, responds favorably.”

At the Center, treating spinal injuries effectively is a clinical goal and chiropractic is a major focus, but it is most often integrated with other health-minded modalities. Kovar attained his acupuncture certification in 2005. An acupuncture patient himself for a number of years, he says he gets great pleasure in seeing the results the program has achieved for patients.
Acupuncture is used to treat both pain and dysfunction in the body by clearing energy blockages or balancing energy meridians (acupressure points in the body). The human body’s energy flow courses over 12 meridians channels, and if a disruption of energy flow exists, it can alter the entire system, producing pain or symptoms. Acute and chronic pain, headaches (including migraine), neck and back pain, shoulder disorders, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, bladder dysfunction, gastric problems, asthma, allergies, sinus conditions, skin conditions, abnormal blood pressure, fatigue and anxiety are all candidates for improvement by acupuncture. Each condition is different and requires different schedules of treatment. Because everyone heals at their own pace, some get results from the first visit and some require more. It is common to begin with four sessions, and the treatment regimen is adjusted as needed.       

About three years ago Kovar was introduced to nutrition response testing. It came at a time when he was looking for ways to help patients that seemed to have something slowing their responses to chiropractic and blocking their healing. Nutrition response testing targets the problem area through a well-defined system of analysis.      

Once the exact nature of the problem has been discovered, a specially designed nutrition protocol can be implemented to aid the patient’s body heal itself and return to a normal healthy state. The supplements are natural whole food supplements, so along with education and counseling regarding a healthy lifestyle and clean eating, they are a safe way to help patients.       

Once again, Kovar is able to speak from personal experience. “It still amazes me how the clinician can pinpoint different stressed situations going on with my body, including many issues I didn’t know about,” he says.”       

His personal philosophy of wellness is clearly defined. “I’ve set some lofty personal goals for my life, and the way I can attain those goals is to be healthy. Embracing nutrition response testing, acupuncture and chiropractic care, along with other safe and natural modalities, I will be able to live the vital and productive life that God intended.”

Kovar Chiropractic & Wellness Center is located at 29 G Miracle Strip Hwy. SW, in Ft. Walton Beach. For more information, call 850-244-1200  or visit

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