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Natural Awakenings Northwest Florida


Laura Beck
850-293-9602 • [email protected]

Massage is holistic, rehabilitative and therapeutic for mind, body and soul. And the same can be said for ALaura Massage, a massage therapy salon dedicated to helping clients improve their well-being.

“The comfort and health of my clients,” says Laura Beck, “is important to me. I care about helping them heal, and improving their lives by taking away pain, migraines and the discomfort of injuries.”

 To that end, the massage therapist offers a variety of modalities that can be personalized to individual needs. They include deep tissue, sports, prenatal, aromatherapy, sugar and salt foot scrubs, hot stone, cold stone, cupping and scalar energy, a subtle energy that can be harnessed to produce healing.  

Beck, who personally doesn’t take any medications, believes in Eastern medicine and the power of natural healing. “Massage therapy instead of a pill can be the solution,” she says. “Massage stimulates the body's healing process, manually stretches the muscle fibers and pushes toxins and cellular waste out of the muscle. Let's see a pill do that!”

The goal of ALaura Massage is your long-term health and vitality, starting with temporary relief or improvement and making choices that promote and maintain optimal health long term.

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