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Richard Jacobs, DC

Richard Jacobs, DC • John Neff, DC
215 Gulf Breeze Pkwy, Gulf Breeze
850-912-8485 •
  The doctors at Jacobs Chiropractic & Wellness Center utilize the Gonstead method of chiropractic, a system of analysis and adjusting that focuses on specificity. Great care is taken in the analysis to find the affected vertebra (aka subluxation) and resolve the problem. Once the doctor determines which segments require attention, a specific, gentle adjustment is given by hand.
    The Gonstead chiropractor adjusts as few vertebrae as possible to achieve the desired results. Once the area has healed, follow-up adjustments are given only when needed. Dr. Gonstead said, "Find the subluxation, fix it, and leave it alone." This less-is-more approach gives fast results with fewer visits. That means less money out of the patient’s pocket.
    Jacobs Chiropractic provides a friendly, professional setting where patients can feel comfortable while receiving quality care. In addition to chiropractic care, the Center offers massage therapy and such therapeutic modalities as electric muscle stimulation and ultrasound. All without contracts.
    Among the organizations that use Jacobs Chiropractic for their chiropractic services are the Blue Wahoos and Athlete's Performance at the Andrews Institute.
    Just as regular dental care avoids the drill, Center patients understand that regular maintenance checks means fewer visits to the drug store and an improved quality of life.

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