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Insulation Enhances Sustainability

Properly insulated buildings have many benefits, including saving energy, lower monthly utility expenses and contributing to a healthier indoor environment, and there are many environmentally friendly insulation options available for both homeowners and builders that meet and exceed industry green building standards.

According to reports from the Energy Information Administration, insulation saves more than 600 times as much energy each year than all fluorescent lights, Energy Star appliances and windows combined. Professionally installed insulation can reduce a buildings energy usage by 20 to 50 percent, depending on the product.

Another benefit of a well-insulated home or commercial building is lower costs to maintain the building, and materials such as spray foam, rock wool, and cellulose all have recycled and/or renewable contents. A correctly insulated building also provides for better climate control, increasing comfort while sealing and protecting the indoors from outside allergens such as dust and pollen.

Another important factor in a healthy indoor environment is to ensure the HVAC system is adequately adapted for the insulation system; when updating either one, it is extremely important to consult professionals to ensure compatibility. When upgrading existing insulation, check into available tax credits and contact the local utility provider about rebate programs.

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